Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Just smile and say “Okay”
At what point did I become
My left shoe says yesterday.
My right shoe says it was earlier than that.
I don’t trust them
or I don’t hear them
because there are heavy-set gypsy women
stuck in my ears.
It’s cool.
We’re all waiting for a minute past midnight
when everything goes back to the way it was,
and everyone stops laughin’ their heads off
at something too true to be funny.

Stroll to the Convent  10-5-05
She found her virginity again
After 20 years of separation
She forgot the scent
It forgot to smile

“Life’s a bitch
get it pregnant
stuff it till its belly bursts”
she heard the old man say under his breath
oblivious to her presence

She sees her childhood
Hung up on the pawn shop wall
Run through by hooks on strings
Visual stimuli burned through her brain
And tears evaporate down her cheeks

She trips on a dead man
Still holding on to the string of a white balloon
That reads “Happy 4th Birthday!”
She digs deep in her purse for a pen with which to pop it
But finds nothing.

Arresting Jesus - May 26, 2009
In the summer
ants lodge in my brain.
exiled by the queen.

I do not hate them
because I’m pretending
to be Jesus,
crucified in the front yard

until concerned neighbors
call the police
and again
I am taken away.

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