Monday, August 20, 2012

Juniper for my love

Juniper for my love
I carry it upon my breath
and if I weren't already there
I'd be drunk on your bereft.

Drag you to pawn-shops
where they dip my thumb in ink
I'd barter away our love, my love,
if I hadn't dropped it down our sink.

I want to buy you pretty things
and I wish my words were honey
but I cough between cigarettes
and drink away my money.

Juniper for my love
I keep it in a flask.
You deserve more than I can give
and I pray that you don't ask.

I take your hand to dace with you.
Instead I trip and stumble.
I tell you that my love is true
but I confess it with a mumble.

I wish I were a proper man
bringing you a fresh-cut flower
and I wish I could see a glass half-full
rather than completely sour.

A gin martini for my love.
A kiss of astringent fume.
A liquor-laden love-confession
sure to make you swoon.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Beautiful Bust

Her eyes sparkled like tonic water
as she doubles down
without ever looking at the cards
that lay upon the green felt table
like lovers in the grass
discussing the clouds.

Smoke from an obnoxious man's cigar
mask her beauty.
She wears her hair like a forest fire
and a dress of city smog.
Her lips are the color
of dried blood.

BUST says the dealer like a rusty gear
He lays down a jack.

"Story of my life" she whispers
and walks away
leaving her chips at the table.

Her husbands calls.
ring ring
Her husband calls again.

Leave a message after the beep.