Monday, August 20, 2012

Juniper for my love

Juniper for my love
I carry it upon my breath
and if I weren't already there
I'd be drunk on your bereft.

Drag you to pawn-shops
where they dip my thumb in ink
I'd barter away our love, my love,
if I hadn't dropped it down our sink.

I want to buy you pretty things
and I wish my words were honey
but I cough between cigarettes
and drink away my money.

Juniper for my love
I keep it in a flask.
You deserve more than I can give
and I pray that you don't ask.

I take your hand to dace with you.
Instead I trip and stumble.
I tell you that my love is true
but I confess it with a mumble.

I wish I were a proper man
bringing you a fresh-cut flower
and I wish I could see a glass half-full
rather than completely sour.

A gin martini for my love.
A kiss of astringent fume.
A liquor-laden love-confession
sure to make you swoon.

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