Friday, November 9, 2012


Wearing whiskey like a winter coat
and melting like candle-wax tears down
the face of a crumbling monument.

This isn't the life I chose.  
So why did you give me an option?

Where's the glitz, the glamour,
the sex, bloodshed, and explosions?
Where's the gilded corridors and arabesque spires of pomp and intimidation?
Where's the Devil come to tell me that I'm his son?

In forgotten corners
spiders spin tapestries depicting centuries of treachery
but the flies
have no eye
for craftsmanship.

A leather-sole paints them all in two-dimensions and moves on.
Down cobblestone alleys where the homeless catch flicked cigarette butts in their mouths.
Downtown streets aglow with the red and yellow lights
like eyes to judge pedestrians.

So where are you?
What are you?
Are you drowned in the seas of moonless nights
that ebb and flow in discordant rhythm?

Or did you just forget?

Here I am all dressed up with nowhere to go
and no money for the fare to get there.
My pockets digests a couple of quarters, a broken pen, and a gun
as I walk to the docks with limp I'd never noticed before.

The world is so still that I wonder if it's dead.

Standing neck-deep in the frozen black waters,
I shove lose change under my eyelids
and reflect on my regrets.

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