Monday, December 12, 2011

Feeling so lazy.


Her abyss didn’t go any deeper than infinity and her name has become a needle to my brain.  Making love to her was like a mass animal slaughter.  It made me consider becoming a vegetarian.  I say we made love but we made love with out the love. We just made, and what we made was discarded on the bed sheets or carpet for the dog to lick up later, much to her disgust.

My impossible conquest,
tell me that you still remember
the details of creation.

after all these lifetimes
and sand still sprinkles through your hour glass
and the sun still revolves
around your eye.

Sweet Sphinx,
silhouetted by dawn,
wearing a veil of locusts
to conceal what was lost long ago
to the desert.

Lazy poem 
your imagination.

in the blanks.



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