Thursday, December 15, 2011

When she haunts my brain

I couldn’t stand to be around her.  Her presence brought a great fog to my mind.  
I constructed bridges over our realities.  I was aware of this, aware of my own short comings of rational thought.  My compass was drawn to her magnetism, but I always ended up lost.  In caves I still could not escape her.  I imagined her flesh wax-like, as these damp stalagmites that impale my soul when I let it wander.  I imagined myself Loki bound by the sinews of some treacherous creature, and the steady dripping of the underground was poison from her fangs.  I imagine her simultaneously in the roll of the goddess catching those same torturous drops in a bowl so that I do not suffer.  
Sometimes I thought about her subtle gestures, about her perfect displays of vulnerability, thinking, in the end, that even if it was all an act that I loved, I would still admire her for her talent as an actress. 

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