Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's only in our heads

”Did I say that?  Did you?”
Does it matter?  It was said nevertheless.  The last sound-wave still hasn’t crushed itself against the ice in your glass like the ocean against the jagged, angry rocks of the kind of wicked shores that only appear in nightmares with crumbling light-towers.  Already we’ve forgotten what was said, and by whom.  Now there is the uneasiness that settles in like a tapeworm.  “Did I say that?”  I ask exactly like before, forgetting myself and everything around me. 
”No, it was someone on the television” she answers.  But we don’t have a television, only a window.  In the window, the bald head of an angry man.
”Turn it down for Christ’s sake!” he’s yelling.
“But it’s only in our heads.” She says simply.

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